Creacode SIP Application Server

Creacode SIP Application Server (SIP AS) is a carrier-grade software solution for reliable and cost-effective control of VoIP calls in the center of IP telecommunication networks. Speaks SIP directly with industry leading softswitches, session border controllers and gateways to deliver multiple call services at the same time with its rapid service creation environment. It is ideal solution for telecommunication operators who plan to give or enhance call services in broadband IP telephony, prepaid/postpaid calling card, residential VoIP or in customized business models.

The power of Creacode SIP AS means that telecom operators can rapidly develop new call services or extend existing ones with inexpensive hardware configurations at the lowest total cost of ownership. Since it is a complete software-only package, there is also no need for any third party voice processing hardware.

Creacode SIP AS connects SIP originated calls to SIP endpoints while retaining full supervision of each call session during its lifetime. Establishes secure communication with RADIUS servers, Web applications or directly with any Database to send and retrieve call session parameters for billing or session manipulation purposes. Script-controlled IVR functionalities allow voice prompting, voice recording and digit capturing via RTP event or SIP INFO methods.


SIP Server performs real-time call starting, routing, redirecting, cut-off and call holding via high level scripting functions
SIP Registrar ve NAT traversal solution for endpoints
SIP IVR voice and DTMF capturing functionalities with multilanguage support
Real-time secure communication with WEB applications, RADIUS servers or directly any relational databases during life-time of each call session
ANI and DNIS based call routing, number normalization and manipulation
Blacklist / Whitelist control for the calls coming from specified IP range.
Strong scripting capabilities for abstraction of SIP and media signaling, call parameters(SIP header) manipulation, timer setting, custom event handling and more
CDR generation into file or database
New call service activation regardless of interrupting ongoing call services
Voice Recording and Voice Mail support
Periodic e-mail notifications related to current state of a session
WEB and Telnet interfaces for server configuration management, CDR reporting and call statistics monitoring
Detailed system and service logs for troubleshooting

Who is Creacode SIP Application for?

Telecommunications Service Providers
VoIP Service Providers
Tier 1 Carriers
Retail Carriers
Emerging Carriers
Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
Internet Service Providers
Other Telcos operating in SIP networks

Multi Vendor SIP Device Support

Session Border Controllers
SIP Proxies
SIP Redirect Servers
SIP phones and softphones
Integrated access devices

Supported Audio Codecs

G711U, G711A, G729A

Platform Support

Operating System: Windows Server 2003/2008
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 9i/10g, PostgreSQL 8x/9x, MySQL 5x/6x
Hardware: Commercial off-the-shelf servers from HP, Dell, Intel and others

Performance, Scalability and Availability

Written in C++ native code for high performance and efficient use of system resources
Up to 5000 concurrent SIP session processing on single server with 3Ghz x 8 core and 16GB physical memory
Up to 500 concurrent voice session processing on single server
Horizontal scaling by adding more servers and vertical scaling via addition of more CPU and memory per server
Redundancy for failover protection and switchover of service
Seamless new call service activation

Management & Security

GUI and CLI based configuration and provisioning
CDR generation, detailed system and service logging
HTTPS, SIP Digest communication, encrypted passwords for server management and administration

Supported Standards

RFC : 0821 1325 2327 2616 2833 2865 2866 2976 3261 3264 3515 3550 3565 4566


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